Lets go Flying!

Taking a Discovery Flight is the perfect way to experience flying.

Designed as a way to introduce you to our program. When you arrive you will meet with your pilot (Certified Flight Instructor) and discuss your flight and our training program. You will have the opportunity to fly with one of our Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) and actually fly the aircraft yourself as you soar along the beautiful Lompoc valley


Can I bring a family member or friend?

Sure, feel free to bring a family member or friend, we just ask that you let us know first so we can make sure we select the right aircraft for the number of people we will be flying.
If you would like a longer flight, just ask when making the reservation for your Discovery Flight and we will let you know how much extra for the longer flight


Aircraft Time Price
Grumman AA-1A Half Hour $95
Grumman AA-1A Hour $180
Stinson Voyager Half Hour $150 (seats 1-3)
Stinson Voyager Hour $290 (seats 1-3)


Sunset over Lompoc.


Lompoc from one mile up.

Come join us!