Learn to FLY

Reasons to Fly! Business, Career, Education, Personal Accomplishment, Pleasure and Adventure...... Flying will provide opportunities to network and meet new friends and business associates, open career, educational and business doors not previously available, and generate exciting opportunities never dreamed possible. Consider a career as a Commercial Pilot or one in a related field such as Airport Management, Aviation Mechanics or Pilot Training or Education.

Nows the time to fly yourself and business associates in your own airplane or rental airplane on business trips subject to your time lines instead of being dependent on Commercial airports and Airline schedules. How about a flight to the beach or golf course for the day?....Why not take off from your local airport with friends or family on a flying adventure to a near- by island resort for lunch or charter fishing? ....Imagine visiting family or friends by air in your own airplane without spending hours or days in a car? Have you ever considered serving your country as a military pilot and upon retirement flying for the airlines? All these possibilities and more are available should you make the choice to Learn To Fly.

Whether you are committed to learning to fly or just want to experience the one time joy of flight or, you have thought about learning to fly and are uncertain about whether or not you are ready to make that commitment, a Discovery Flight is your no obligation way to experience flight.

A Discovery Flight in an airplane costs just $95.00. On this half-hour Discovery Flight you will take control of the aircraft and perform basic maneuvers and an assisted take-off and landing under the careful watch, control and guidance of your own professional flight instructor.


Why Lompoc?

Lompoc Airport is a great place to learn how to fly. We do not have a control tower and really VERY little traffic. What does that mean for you, more time to learn with less time wasted waiting for other aircraft, you get more touch and goes and less taxi time. Why pay to sit in a plane and wait for traffic, our students don’t sit around behind other aircraft, THEY FLY. When the time comes to teach our students how to deal with control towers, we have a towered airport not 7 minutes away!

Lompoc is truly a great environment for the student pilot.

Why Our Instructors?

Our instructors are EXPERIENCED and ACTIVE pilots, they have been tested rigorously and awarded the FAA's highest ranking license, the Airline Transport Pilots license (ATP). With a vast array of experience, from turbines to seaplanes to agriculture aviation, our instructors have the skills and background to help you earn your wings.

Our instructors have earned the FAA's Gold Seal

The Federal Aviation Administration only allows instructors who have a solid record of performance, a level higher then that of the average flight instructor, to become a Gold Seal instructor. To earn the FAA's Gold Seal an instructor must have recommended AT LEAST TEN students for a license within 24 months and over EIGHTY PERCENT must have passed their check ride ON THEIR FIRST TRY, on top of that your instructor must also hold Ground Instructor certification.

What does all this mean to you as a student?

Nothing and everything, a Gold Seal takes a bit of work to earn, yet the gold seal is merely a title with no additional privileges.

The flight instructors who set out to get their Gold Seal do so simply because they have a personality that sees it as a challenge, one they wish to meet. In our opinion that is a personality trait which makes for a GREAT instructor.

Private Pilot license

The FAA Private Pilots license is your license to the skys, it's also the first building block in your aviation journey. Your Private License will allow you to fly anywhere you like, anytime you like, you can even travel for business.



Be at least 17 years of age (although you may take lessons earlier and you can solo the airplane as student at 16 years old)

Be able to read, speak, write, and understand English.

Obtain an FAA medical

40 hours of flight time

Pass a 60 question written test with a score of 70% or higher.

Pass an oral and practical test with a designated pilot examiner

Additional requirements in CFR 14 Part 61.109(a)


"James was instrumental in my dream of making a living in aviation. His instruction was an effective combination of knowledge, skill, and patience while seeing me through my tailwheel Private Pilots License. He gave me a solid base for the Commercial, Agricultural, Instrument, and Glider ratings I am currently pursuing as well. I intend to fly regional jets one day, and James' teachings and inspiration will, with my thanks, be with me every step of the way."


"I started flying with James from the very start with zero time in January 2012. He was a great instructor and walked me through the student flying experience in what I thought was almost record time! Ground schooling to actual flight time, James asked questions that helped train my mind for the written tests and any situations that may be encountered while in the cockpit."

"If you are looking for a flight instructor, look no further. James is simply the BEST! Because of work requirements I had to move before James and I could finish up. Unfortunately, I could not find another instructor like James. He is an excellent pilot that is calm and encouraging. He is supportive and challenges you gently to succeed. He is only interested in your success, not like many other instructors who only want to bleed you dry of your hard earned money. Without hesitation I recommend James as a flight instructor!"

"It's hard to believe how quickly time goes by when you are having fun?! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you have taught me during my time as your student. I really couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Your knowledge and true aviation skills made me feel at totally comfortable, not to mention the devotion you showed in taking time to explain things I didn't understand. I am looking forward in continuing my career in aviation.....thank you James you are an inspiration and a asset in the world of aviation!!!!"