Grumman AA-1A Trainer

The Grumman Trainer is EXACTLY what one looks for in a trainer, simple yet strong, responsive yet forgiving.

Features include a sliding canopy, offering a beautiful and un-obstructed view. The sliding canopy has another GREAT benefit, ease in boarding the plane, no small tinny doors or stepping on seats to enter this aircraft, just slide the entire clear canopy back and step in!

This aircraft is capable, the AA-1A is equipped with everything you need and nothing to distract you, radio, VOR and transponder will allow you to safely fly anywhere in the US.

The Grumman remains simplistic enough that your main focus will be on the fundamental skills of flying and with it's light and responsive controls, it inspires thoughts of flying a fighter across the blue skies, unlike the responsively sluggish Piper and Cessna trainers.

The best way to understand the Grumman AA-1A is to understand where it came from.

The Grumman Aerospace Corporation made a permanent mark on American history. Grumman made a majority of the fighter aircraft that have protected America, everything from the F6F Navy "Hellcat" of WWII to the famous F-14 Tomcat, made popular in movies such as Top Gun... lest we forget the moon landing.. The Apollo Lunar Module that brought the first man to the moon, made by Grumman!

The AA-1A Trainer has the culmination of Grauman's knowledge behind it, from the aluminum honeycomb structure, providing a sleek yet strong body, to it's simple "tube style" fuel gauges, which read easily and are far less prone to erroneous readings as Piper and Cessna gauges.

The Grumman is not only a great trainer, but also very fun to fly, give us a call to schedule your intro flight today!

Stinson Voyager

An airplane with an infamous history!

This particular Stinson Voyager was once owned by a Mr. Dave Ferrie. For those of you who don't know of Mr. Ferrie, he was to be the getaway pilot for Lee Harvey Oswald after the assassination of President Kennedy.

Mr. Ferrie was a pilot for Eastern Airline during the 50s where he met Lee Harvey Oswald during his spare time in New Orleans, Louisiana, as a Commander in the Civil Air Patrol.

It was not long before Mr. Ferrie, an avid liberal and anti-communist, allegedly began flying to Cuba to aid the rebels fight for democratization. Infact in early 1960 Ferrie quit his squadron in the C.A.P. to start his own. Mr. Ferrie’s new squadron went by the name of the Metairie Falcon Squadron, a branch of this squadron was know as the Internal Mobile Security Unit, a group founded to fight against Castro's regime in Cuba.

The Stinson was owned by Mr. Ferrie up until the time before his suspicious death, the full extent of its involvement in Cuba and the assassination of President Kennedy remain unknown.

With decades past, this aircraft, with a most interesting history is available for flights with one of our experienced instructors around the beautiful crests of the central coast. The Stinson is kept in bristol condition and is always hangared, as she always has been.

David Ferrie (right) along side Julian Castellanos, a member of Bridage 2506, a group of Cubian exiles trained by the CIA for the Bay of Pigs invsion of Cubia, circa 1961.

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